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About us

Messin  is a Finnish furniture factory which was established 1968 in Pori Finland. First products were brass coffee tables with glass tops, but very soon brass beds and bedside tables were added to the collection.

The word Messin is an abbreviation of the Finnish word for brass (messinki) since brass products were originally the corner stone of the company.

The products made of epoxy lacquered steel furniture completed the collection soon after. In the beginning the selection of colours was modest, the brass products were always shiny brass, and the beds and bedside tables made of steel were always in white. Still in the beginning of 1990`s the colours in production were only white and black. Since then the range of colours and products has expanded.

In the beginning the products were sold only in Finland but the export started rapidly to Scandinavia and to the Middle-Europe. While the export was growing, the demands concerning the collection were increased. The experienced international designers gave form to the collection and it was modified to be suitable for exporting and to meet the various needs in the different countries.

In recognition of the export achievements Messin Oy got The President of Finland´s Export Success Award 1977.

After this the export expanded from what it was before and reached in the 1980´s–1990´s already outside the Europe – i.e .to the Arab countries, USA and Japan. Exporting to the countries in Eastern Europe began also in the end of 1980´s, mainly to Russia and Poland.